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CHBPACK is a leading global supplier of Stick Pack and Sachet Machinery.
CHBPACK specialize in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for processing and packaging tea, coffee, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and foods.
Tea Stick Packing Machine are known for their advanced features such as punching system, reliable quality, advanced PLC systems, convenient touch screen, and easy operation and maintenance.
The tea stick packing machine offered by CHBPACK is capable of automatically making bags, weighing, filling, sealing, cutting, and printing codes. It is widely used for packing tea, coffee, and other granules for drinks.
The machine can complete both inner and outer bag packing automatically. It features an advanced design with a reasonable structure that allows for convenient adjustment, operation, and maintenance. The controlling part of the machine is equipped with a Mitsubishi PLC system and an English colorful touch screen that provides error hints and self-diagnose functions. The machine also offers high automation with an auto-correction function and pneumatic pulling bag control.

Assembly Plant

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